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  • Central Heat & AC Installation Cost – Home HVAC Pricing Guide

    Most new heating and cooling systems cost $16,000 to $18,000 this year. Premium systems can cost more than $24,000. Price hikes of more than 20% have hit the HVAC industry over the last few years – Trane is up 25% after announced increases each of the last two years. Add to that increased costs for […]

  • Top 10 Most Efficient Central ACs: Costs and Pros & Cons

    Our HVAC pros have selected the 10 most energy efficient central air conditioners. The units are divided by performance: 4 variable capacity options and 3 each for two-stage and single-stage models. Our strategy is to give you the most efficient options based on the performance level you want, as will be clear in the model […]

  • Central Air Conditioning Cost – Buying Guide for Different Climates

    Home and property owners like you have heard rumblings that latest central air prices are way up and are asking, “how bad is it?” This buying guide has all the details whether you are replacing an old AC or installing a new central air unit or improved efficiency. What’s covered in this guide? Cooling Only […]