American Standard Gas Furnace: Cost, Pros & Cons, Best Models

American Standard is one of the top furnace brands recommended by our HVAC experts, offering reliability and solid warranty coverage.

The company offers a wide product selection that includes high-efficiency furnaces (>95% AFUE) for places with cold winters, and more affordable 80% AFUE furnaces for places with milder weather.

American Standard is owned by Trane, one of the leading HVAC equipment manufacturers in the US.

When comparing furnaces, the best recommendation is focusing on specific models rather than brand names in general. Furnace manufacturers make products for all budgets, which means you may find premium units and cheap lower-quality units from the same brand.

A common mistake is assuming that high efficiency is always equivalent to high quality: you can find ENERGY STAR furnaces that break down after only five years, and modest efficiency units that can heat your home reliably for 15+ years.

For example, American Standard offers the high-efficiency Gold S9V2 furnace (96% AFUE) and the lower-efficiency Platinum 80 furnace (80% AFUE). Both products have an excellent track record in the industry:

  • High efficiency only means that a furnace includes a secondary heat exchanger to extract more heat from natural gas combustion.
  • A high AFUE is very useful if you live in a place with cold winters, but the extra cost may outweigh the savings in a place with milder winters.
  • 80% AFUE furnaces are also an excellent option for vacation homes, Airbnbs and other properties that are only used part-time.

Here we will discuss how much you can expect to pay when purchasing an American Standard furnace, and we will compare their product lines while recommending their top furnace models.

How Much Does an American Standard Furnace Cost?

The installed price of an American Standard furnace will depend on the specific model chosen and local labor costs, among other factors. If you want to compare accurate quotes, the best recommendation is getting in touch with qualified furnace installers in your city.

Based on our research, a US homeowner can expect to pay around $7,820 when installing an American Standard furnace.

American Standard Furnace – Cost Breakdown Amount
Equipment $4,620
Installation labor and accessories $2,800
Permitting and other costs $400
Total Cost $7,820

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