Geothermal Heating and Cooling Installation Cost – Buying Guide

Buildings represent 40% of the energy consumption of modern civilization according to the International Energy Agency, and 33% of greenhouse gas emissions. In the case of homes and commercial buildings, space heating and air conditioning are among the top energy expenses Credits: Geothermal heat pumps are a promising technology since they can accomplish both … Read more

10 Best Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pumps: Costs, Pros & Cons of Each Unit

The best mini-split heating and cooling systems provide superior energy efficiency and reliable performance you can count on, with flexibility to heat and cool specific rooms or areas inside the house.

Your options include single zone and multi-zone mini split heat pump systems from top brands known for high quality and reliability.

Similar to central heat pumps, mini-splits deliver both, air conditioning and heating.

The top 10 ductless mini split heat pumps are:

  1. LG High Efficiency Series
  2. Carrier Infinity 40MPHA Series
  3. Gree Livo Gen 3 Series
  4. Klimaire Quick Connect Series
  5. Fujitsu Halcyon XLTH Series
  6. Mitsubishi M Series
  7. Gree Multi+ Ultra Series
  8. Daikin RMXS Series
  9. MrCool Energy Star 4th Generation DIY
  10. Fujitsu Halcyon XLTH Series

Full reviews follow below. Each recommended brand/model includes cost, efficiency levels, and pros & cons.

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10 Best Heat Pumps: Costs, Pros & Cons of Each Unit – Buying Guide

Here are the best heat pumps available. These are standard split system heat pumps from Carrier, Lennox, Rheem, etc.


Brand/Unit reviews are followed by a Buying Guide with information about equipment needed and configurations/costs plus common FAQs like, “Do I need an air handler?”

Top 10 Heat Pumps, Prices & Reviews

Variety: We chose the 10 best heat pumps in a range of categories, since every homeowner’s heating and AC preferences are different.

Note on Cost: Inflation woes have hit the heating and air conditioning industry harder than most, and prices are ridiculously high. And we don’t see that changing – no cost correction is coming. So, if you’re in the market for a new heat pump, waiting won’t make it better. And if inflation continues to rise, your dollars will buy less next year.

Two prices are given for each heat pump in the table below:

Heat Pump Only – Installed Cost: These are prices for the outside condensing unit, the indoor evaporator coil, refrigerant lines, and charge plus installation supplies. A new thermostat is often part of the package.

Full System Cost with Air Handler: These prices include the air handler too – the indoor unit with a blower that circulates air through the ductwork. There are times an existing air handler can be used, which saves on cost.

Heat Pump Model Installed Cost Heat Pump Only Installed Cost with Air Handler
Trane XL18i $8,300 – $13,000 $11,700 – $16,900
Armstrong Air 4SHP20LX $7,900 – $12,800 $11,600 – $16,400
Carrier Infinity 24 $8,800 – $13,400 $12,200 – $17,300
Ducane 4HP18V $7,700 – $11,900 $11,000 – $15,500
Carrier Performance 16 $7,500 – $11,600 $10,900 – $15,000
Lennox XP21 $8,500 – $13,200 $12,200 – $17,000
Payne 16 $6,600 – $10,400 $9,500 – $14,300
Trane XR14 $5,700 – $9,000 $8,300 – $12,400
Lennox EL16XP1 $6,200 – $9,100 $8,500 – $12,600
Rheem Classic RP15 $5,500 – $8,600 $7,800 – $11,900

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