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  • New Heat Pump Cost: Central Heat Pump Installation Pricing

    This buying guide will help you decide whether an air exchange heat pump is the right heating and cooling option for your home. Let’s start with the bottom line: heat pump unit prices and the cost of installation. Cost If you are only replacing a heat pump but not the air handler, then your total […]

  • Central Heat & AC Installation Cost – Home HVAC Pricing Guide

    Most new heating and cooling systems cost $16,000 to $18,000 this year. Premium systems can cost more than $24,000. Price hikes of more than 20% have hit the HVAC industry over the last few years – Trane is up 25% after announced increases each of the last two years. Add to that increased costs for […]

  • New Gas Furnace Installation Cost: Replacement vs. Repair Costs

    Furnaces remain the most common way for homeowners in North America to heat their homes. This buying guide has all the research and information needed to help you understand your gas furnace options, so you can make a buying decision you’ll be happy with for the next 15-20 years. The focus is on gas furnaces, […]